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First Law: Override - Lore Update (Faction: The Accord)

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So in my previous post I covered what the situation we were in when it came to the various races who resided on Honos.

Today I would like to expand that by discussing one half of the various factions and sponsors you can join:


The Accord

The Accord comprises of the central governing bodies that make up the Outer Fringe.

It considers itself the first and last line of defence against all threats that Honos and the other worlds like it may encounter.

Made up of all races including Humans, Hydan, Kratel and Reborn this faction accepts everyone as long as they are willing to comply with their own laws.

United Earth Force
The United Earth Force or UEF are both military and government on Honos. Comprising almost exclusively of Humans but accepting of other races they focus on the welfare of Humanity's fight for survival on their new world.

When Humans first arrived on Honos they lacked any form of political body. Until then all major decisions had been made by the UEF when it had instigated martial law during the AI War. To the settlers on Honos and those on the arc ships newly arriving after their long journey from Earth it made sense to continue as things were with the UEF as the controlling group.

The UEF is available to Agents as a Sponsor; providing agents with a number of bonus from military grade projectile based firepower as well as moderate rated ground vehicles.

Believing themselves to be the strongest force on Honos; the UEF regularly encounters conflict with the Hydan purists who consider themselves to have more advanced technology, greater intelligence and more highly evolved as a species. This is heavily tempered by the constant communications and trade that operate between the two races and an acknowledgement of mutual benefits.

The UEF is a good Sponsor to acquire should you wish to excel at projectile weapons, be a ranged soldier and specialise in urban combat.

The Wraiths
While not an actual political or recognised military body, the Wraiths are perceived by most as the deciding factor over Hydan political and military movements.

Established four hundred years ago as a small unit of highly trained assassins, the Wraiths were both respected and feared by the Hydan people. It was only in recent decades that the Wraiths moved from the shadows of myth and legend and became a recognised organisation, previously acting via shadow agents and aliases.

Today the Wraiths are known by all as being the most highly trained single combat warriors in the Outer Fringe, using both stealth and advanced crystal-based technology to extreme effectiveness.

When Humans arrived in the Outer Fringe it was with great reluctance that the Wraiths permitted them and other races acceptance within their ranks, however some do believe that the initiation trials for non-Hydans is much more severe. Regardless of what prejudice any new recruits may experience at the hands of Hydan purists, once fully imitated as Wraiths, all races are treated as equals.

Any Agent may join the ranks of the Wraiths however those of the Hacker and Slicker (rogue) classes are most likely to perform well with the Wraiths.

As an Agent you should look to join the Wraiths if you want to specialise in stealth, subterfuge, infiltration and situation analysis.

Honos Mining Corporation
The Honos Mining Corporation (HMC) started off as an Earth based project, however was very quick to capitalise on opportunities when the settlement and terraformation of Honos began.

Only about 80 years old the HMC is based in New Brasilia in a two hundred storey tall sky scraper; the Ackerman Tower, named after the original company founder Wilson Ackerman. The Ackerman Tower houses it's geology research teams, technological development teams, computer databanks and all levels of management.

When the UEF required terraformers to make Honos habitable it was the HMC who provided the technology and to this day are the global leaders in both mining and terraformation facilities as well as geological and seismic research.

Much of what happens at HMC is based at the Ackerman Tower, but very often agents are required to act in their stead performing field research as well as maintaining and repairing the remote equipment located throughout the Badlands and the Frozen North.

Currently HMC are attempting to set up research and terraformation settlements across the southern Badlands and into the Deadzone but most communications with these settlements are lost soon after being established.

The HMC are always looking to sponsor Agents and would be perfect for you if you are looking to make use of heavy duty equipment and all terrain vehicles whilst perform research tasks and repair jobs for the Ackerman Tower in the remote regions of Honos. Any class would be suitable but those of the Soldier and Hacker would benefit the most from HMC sponsorship.


And that is it for now! Tune in next time when I reveal more about the opposition to the Accord; The Reavers.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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